Cutting battery costs


Automakers are poised to rapidly expand their electric vehicle offerings within the next decade. Electrified personal mobility will be economically viable if battery costs are cut in half.

Renewable energy becomes widely accessible only when energy storage is affordable.

Innovative mobile electronics will be unleashed with greater battery design flexibility and increased energy efficiencies. 

We are making our vision real, not by an evolution of conventional technology, but by a revolution that breaks with traditional approaches.

Intecells’ atmospheric (cold) plasma-based technology cuts battery costs, period.  This unique, solid-state electrode design utilizes only materials that directly contribute to battery capacity, power, and safety. Manufacturing waste is eliminated.  Capital requirements are minimized.  Production space and process time are saved.


Endless possibilities

Making binder-free, ultra-thick, flexible electrodes is merely the beginning. Relying on materials innovation is only one part of the solution. Reimagining battery manufacturing from the ground-up enables benefits far beyond process cost savings. This is a redefinition of battery DNA.

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Imagine - battery cells produced in a single step by robots on demand, or batteries simply printed into a vehicle architecture to free up packaging space. At Intecells, we are bringing this vision to life, so others can make their vision real, one innovative step at a time.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.


About us

The battery industry successfully kept pace with the markets for several decades until large format applications began demanding higher performance and greater flexibility, all while requiring unattainable cost reductions.


Intecells was created to build solutions at the intersection of battery manufacturing and cold plasma technology.  Our mission is to make batteries more energy-dense, safer, and highly adaptable to emerging designs.


Our creative and motivated team is the driving force behind Intecells. We are joined by people across various scientific disciplines and diverse industry sectors who share our conviction that Intecells' process technology will be the game changer for the battery industry.

Dr. Xiaohong Gayden
CEO and Cofounder

A technology executive in both the automotive and oil industries, Dr. Gayden has led innovative technology programs and organizations for more than two decades. More recently, she spearheaded battery manufacturing research in Asia. Dr. Gayden embodies what it takes to translate her vision from the laboratory to the manufacturing floor.  She is the innovator and thought leader behind Intecells.


Mr. Christian Buske


A proven entrepreneur, Mr. Buske has built Plasmatreat GmbH into a global market leader. His deep expertise in system design, manufacturing, sales, service, and marketing is invaluable to Intecells’ commercial success. Today, atmospheric (cold) plasma technology enables numerous innovations in almost every industry, from automotive, aerospace, electronics, consumer products to health care.


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We cannot build the future without our customers, investors, suppliers, and institutions.

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